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强调句的基本句型是“It is/was+被强调的部分+ that/who+其他部分”。被强调的部分可以是主语、宾语和状语等。强调句型的使用特点主要有以下几个方面:
It was in the park that I met him.
It was in 1964 that the first telephone satellite was set up by the Group of 17 Countries.
Was it you that/who let out the secret to her?
It was I who put forward the theory first.
It was Madame Curie and her husband who discovered radium.
It is the PLA men who/that are safeguarding our country day and night.是解放军战士日夜保卫着我们的祖国。
It is/was not until...that从句,即not和until在强调句中总是紧挨着的。注意习惯上不用not till,而且从句不能用when引导。
It was not until the last operation was finished that Bethune left the battle hospital.
When was it that he made up his mind to take this course?
Why is it that he doesn’t like the book?
Was it in 1939 that the Second World War broke out?
Who was it that broke the window?打破窗户的是谁?
When was it that you called me yesterday?
What is it that you want me to do?你要我干什么?
(6)强调句型与It is/was+时间+when从句:
It was at midnight that I got back home yesterday.
It was midnight when I got here yesterday.
While (I was) in Beijing,I paid a visit to the Great Wall.
If (you are) asked,you may come in.
She stood at the gate as if (she was) waiting for someone.
Though cold,he still wore  a shirt.
②还有诸如:if so(如果如此);if any(如果有);if in need(如果需要);if necess ary(如果有必要)。
Errors,if (there are) any,should be corrected.
Come tomorrow if (it is) possible.有可能的话明天来。
Get up early tomorrow,if not (you don’t get up early),you will miss the first bus.
He may not be at home then,if so (he is  not at home),leave him a note.那时他可能不在家,如果这样给他留个字条吧。
(2)I’m afraid,I think,I believe,I hope,I guess等作答句,后面跟so与not分别等于肯定或否定,宾语从句可省去。
—Do you think it will rain?
—I hope not (that it will not rain).
—Do you believe our team will win?
—I guess so.
①用来代替动词不定式后被省略的动词,常在be afraid,expect,forget,hope,intend,like,love,mean,prefer,refuse,seem,try,want,wish等的后边。
I asked him to see the film,but he didn’t want to.
②在have,need,ought,be going,used等后面。
I didn’t want to go there,but I had to.
—Will you join in the game?你愿意加入做游戏吗?
—I’d be glad to.我很高兴。
④如果不定式中含有be,have,have been,通常保留be,have或have been。
—Are you a sailor?你是海员吗?
—No,but I used to be.不,但我过去是。
must作“一定,准是”讲,可首先将句子改为“I am sure that从句,反意疑问部分的动词形式根据be sure后的宾语从句的谓语动词形式确定。
You must be hungry now,________?→I am sure that you are hungry,aren’t you?→You must be hungry now,aren’t you?
You must have heard about it,________?→I am sure that you have heard about it,haven’t you?→You must have heard about it ,haven’t you?
你一定/可能听说过这 事了,是吗?
You must have watched that football match last night,________?→I am sure that you watched that football match last night,didn’t you?→You must have watched that football match last night,didn’t you?
你昨晚一定看足球赛了,是吗?(陈述部分有表示过去的时间状语last night)
I don’t believe he will succeed,will he?
Tom doesn’t believe Jack will s ucceed,does he?
①否定祈使句,+will you?
②肯定祈使句,+will/won’t you?
Let’s...,+shall we?
Let us...,+will you?
Let+第三人称...,+will you?
Open the door,will/won’t you?打开门,好吗?
Let’s go out for a walk,shall we?我们出去散步,好吗?
Let us go home now,will/won’t you?
1.—I’ve read another book this week.
—Well,maybe________is not how much you read but what you read that counts.
A.this          B.that
C.there             D.it
【解析】  句意为:——这星期我又读了一本书。——嗯,也许重要的不是你看了多少,而是看了什么。考查强调句:It is/was+被强调部分+that从句,故选D。
【答案】 D
2 It was________he came back from Africa that year________he met the girl he would like to marry.
A.when;then                    B.not;until
C.not until;that               D.only;when
【解析】 句意为:直到那年从非洲回来他才遇到那个他想与之结婚的女孩。本题考查强调句型It be not until时间状语+that...,被强调的部分是时间状语,且含有“直到……才”的意思,故选C。
【答案】 C
3. Some of you may have finished unit one.________,you can go on to unit two.
A.If you may    B.If you do
C.If not    D.If so
【解析】 句意为:你们中的一些人可能已经完成了第一单元,如果这样的话,你们可以继续进行第二单元。本题主要考查so和not的用法。
【答案】 D
4.Every evening after dinner,if not________from work,I will spend some time walking my dog.
A.being tired     B.tiring
C.tired      D.to be tired
【解析】 句意为:每天晚饭后,如果不是很累,我会花一些时间遛狗。主句主语I与从句中的tire(使……劳累)为被动关系,所以要用过去分词,又因该句的动作为经常发生,于是排除了选项A和D。
【 答案】 C
5.—What’s  the matter with Della?
—Well,her parents wouldn’t allow her to go to the party,but she still________.
A.hopes to     B.hopes so
C.hopes not     D.hopes for
【解析】 句意为:——Della怎么了?——哦,她父母不让她去参加晚会,但她仍然希望去参加。本句属省略句,完整形式应为:...,but she still hopes to go to the party.
【答案】 A
6  Please do me a favor— ________my friend Mr Smith to Youth Theater at 7∶30 tonight.
A.to invite      B.inviting
C.invite          D.invited
【解析】 句意为:请帮我个忙——邀请我的朋友史密斯先生今晚7点半到青年剧院。破折号后是一个祈使句。
【答案】 C
7. You and I could hardly work together,________?
A.could you    B.couldn’t I
C.couldn’t we   D.could we
【解析】 句意为:我和你几乎不能共事,对吗?反意疑问句与前句的主语要一致,而且意思要相反。
【答案】 D
8.It’s the first time that he has been to Australia,________?
A.isn’t he    B.hasn’t he
C.isn’t it    D.hasn’t it
【解析】 句意为:这是他第一次到澳大利亚,不是吗?It’s the first time that...是固定句型,反意疑问句的构成需依据主句的主语和谓语而定。
【答案】 C
9. ________a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project.
A.It has           B.They have
C.It remains      D.There remains
【解析】 句意为:关于那个工程的实用价值,人们还是心存某种疑虑。There remains...之后省略了to be,意为“仍然有……”。
【答案】 D
10. He must be helping the old man to water the flowers,________?
A.is he          B.isn ’t he
C.must he         D.mustn’t he
【解析】 句意为:他一定正在帮助那位老人浇花,不是吗?本题考查反意疑问句,做题思路为:He must be helping the old man to water the flowers.=I’m sure he is helping the old man to water the flowers.从而得出反意部分用:isn’t he?
【答案】 B
11.—What were you trying to prove to the police?
—________I was last night.
A.That    B.When
C.Where    D.What
【解析】 此处是一个省略回答。完整的句子是I was trying to prove to the police where I was last night。即我极力想要向警方证明我昨天晚上在什么地方。其他选项语意不通顺。
【答案】 C
12.—The patient looks much better.________is it that has made him________he is today?
—Perhaps  the special medicine and his family’s patient care.
A.What;that   B.That;that
C.What;what    D.That;what
【解析】 考查强调句型和名词性从句。解决本题的关键是将句子结构理清楚,还原成陈述句为“It is________that has made him________he is today”。再结合语意“病人好多了,是什么使他成为现在这个样子”可知,选C。
【答案】 C
13.—________he dropped out of school?
—His family had run into financial difficulties.
A.Why was it that   B.Why was that
C.Why was that it   D.Why was it
【解析】 考查强调句的特殊疑问句。从语意和选项看,本题考查强调句的特殊疑问句。根据强调句的特殊疑问句的基本句型:特殊疑问词+is/was+it+that+句子其他成分可知,A项正确。
【答案】 A
14. It was the skills________he had acquired at his training period________enabled him to get such a high post in that world­famous company.
A.that;what    B.what;that
C.that;that    D.that;which
【解析】 考查定语从句和强调句。第一空的that引导定语从句,并在从句中作acquired的宾语;第二空的that与句首的It was构成强调句的基本结构。
【答案】 C
15.—________that made Mrs White so upset?
—Her son’s making trouble in the school.
A.Where was it                 B.Why was it
C.How was it                 D.What was it
【解析】 考查强调句型。语境:——是什么让怀特夫人这么难过?——她儿子老在学校惹事。 判断强调句型的要点是:当去掉“It is...that/who”时,剩下的句子结构仍然完整。这里是强调句的疑问形式,由答语可知,这里句子的主语应该用What,而不是Where,Why或How。
【答案】 D
16.—________is it that you bought the new car?
—Last Monday.
A.Which    B.Why
C.Who    D.When
【解析】 此题考查强调句型的特殊疑问句形式。通过对答语的分析不难看出这里所填的应是充当时间状语的疑问副词(when)。
【答案】 D
17.—Where did you meet the famous actress?
—It was in the supermarket________we went shopping last Sunday.
A.which    B .that
C.where    D.there
【解析】 该题考查句式。该题实际考查的是定语从句,修饰先行词supermarket。很多考生可能会误以为是强调句。
【答案】 C
18. The police were seeking more information to find out________the rich merchant.
A.who it was that killed
B.who was it that killed
C.it was who killed 
D.who was it killed
【解析】 考查强调句型。强调句型的疑问句结构为:疑问词+is it+that...而这里是强调句的疑问句结构作宾语,故用正常的陈述语序,所以答案为A。
【答案】 A
19. He is rather difficult to make friends with,but his friendship,________,is more true than any other.
A.once gained    B.when to gain
C.after gaining      D.while gaining
【解析】 这里“once gained”是once the friendship is gained的省略,由此可知,the friendship与gain之间存在“被动关系”,所以这里选A。
【答案】 A
20. Girls used to take fewer advanced math courses than boys but now they are taking just________.
A.as much    B .too much
C.as many    D.too ma ny
【解析】 考查形容词的比较等级和省略。本句补充完整为“Girls used to take fewer advanced math courses than boys but now they are taking just as many advanced math courses as boys”,故答案为C。
【答案】 C
21.________we move the picture over there?Do you think it will look better?
A.If only     B.What if
C .As if     D.Even if
【解析】 what if “要是……怎么样?”if only常引导虚拟条件句或感叹句。根据语意可知应选B项。
【答案】 B
22. ________Chinese which city is famous for ice and snow,and the answer is sure to be Harbin.
A.If you ask a    B.Asked some
C.Ask any     D.Having asked ever
【解析】 考查“祈使句+and/or+结果分句”句型。该句型中祈使句用动词原形,祈使句相当于一个条件状语从句,本句可改为If you ask any Chines e which city is famous for ice and snow,the answer is sure to be Harbin.注意:改成条件状语从句时主句前没有连词and。
【答案】 C
23.—I hear Alice was badly injured in the accident and sent to hospital.
—________,we should go and see her immediately.
A.If so                           B.When necessary
C.On condition that     D.Believe it or not
【解析】 句意 为:——我听说Alice在事故中受伤严重,并且被送进了医院。——如果是那样的话,我们应该马上去看她。if so表示“如果这(那)样的话……”;when necessary表示“有必要时……”;on condition that表示“如果……”;believe it or not表示“信不信由你”。根据题意可知选A。
【答案】 A
24.—How are you getting on with your English?
—Oh,great.Things are going as well as________.
A.plans        B.planning
C.planned     D.to plan
【解析】 考查省略。as well as planned意思是“如计划的那样”,相当于as well as they are planned。
【答案】 C
25.(2009年金华模拟)—Will you go home tomorrow evening?
—No,I am going to a lecture,or at least I am planning________.
A.so     B.to
C .it     D.that
【解析】 考查省略。用不定式符号to代替整个不定式to go to a lecture。
【答案】 B