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That he failed in the exam made his parents disappointe d.
I wished (that) we could go sighting in Hangzhou this summer and that we could buy some books on our way back in Shanghai.
He has made it clear that he wouldn’t agree to the plan.
(1)what在名词性从句中可充当主语、宾语和表语,意义上相当于the thing(s) that,引导主语从句时,其谓语动词的单复数由表语的单复数而定;what引导的从句可作介词的宾语从句。
What he wants are those books.他需要的是那些书。
What he wants is some water.他需要的是一些水。
A modern city has been set up in what was a wasteland ten years ago.一个现代化的城市已经在10年前还是一块废地的地方建造起来了。
That she will refuse the offer seems unlikely.
(=It seems unlikely that she will refuse the offer.)
I have found (that) all the tickets have been sold out.
He is a good student except that he is a little bit careless.
I don’t know whether/if he’ll attend the meeting.
Whether he comes or not makes no difference.
他来不 来都一样。
The question whether he should join the team has not been decided upon.他是否入队的问题还没决定。
The question is whether it is worth trying.
I haven’t settled the question of whether I’ll lend him the money.关于是否借给他钱的问题,我还没最后决定。
He didn’t know whether to get married or to wait.
Whether it rains or snows,I don’t care.
(1)that 作为关系代词引导定语从句,在从句中可作主语、宾语和表语,作宾语时常可省略;that引导同位语从句时,起连词作用,无实 义,也不作句子的任何成分,一般不能省略。
The news (that) he told me surprised me.(定语从句)
The news that he gave in surprised me.(同位语从句)
The fact that the transport of the goods cost too much was not discussed.运费太高这一事实没有被讨论 。
We have strong belief that we will win the war.
We have some doubt whether they can come on time.
1.The fact has worried many scientists________the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years.
A.what      B.which
C.that    D.though
【解析】 本题考查同位语从句。句意为:近年来全球气候不断变暖,这一事实使得很多科学家感到担忧。该题同位语从句结构完整,故选连词that。
【答案】 C
2.At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see________it got any better.
A.when            B.how
C.why            D.if
【解析】 句意为:一开始他不喜欢这份新工作,但还是决定给自己几个月的时间来看一看是否情况会有好转。此题考查宾语从句。从句中不缺少时间、地点、原因,排除A、B、C三项。D项表示“是否”,符合题意。
【答案】 D
3. It is obvious to the students________they should get well prepared for their future.
A.as      B.which
C.whether     D.that
【解析】 句意为:显然,学生们应该为他们的未来做好充分的准备。that引导主语从句,在从句中不作句子成分,it是形式主语。as引导定语从句或状语从句;which引导名词性从句时,意为:哪个(些);whether是否,在此句中如用此词,则语义矛盾。
【答案】 D
4. Many young people in the West are expected to leave________could be life’s most important decision—marriage—almost entirely up to luck .
A.as     B.that
C.which    D.what
【解析】 分析句子结构,leave需要一个宾语;could be需要一个主语,所以要选一个能引导宾语从句且能在句子中作主语的词,只有what能满足要求。
【答案】 D
5. Could I speak to________is in charge of International Sales,please?
A.anyone     B.someone
C.whoever    D.no matter who
【解析】 句意为“我可以同负责管理国际销售部的人谈一谈吗?”句中to为介词,其后是名词性从句,而从句中缺少主语和关联词,故选C。no matter who引导状语从句。
【答案】 C
6.—Is there any possibility________you could pick me up at the ai rport?
—No problem.
A.when          B.that
C.whether          D.what
【解析】 句意为:——你到机场来接我行吗?——没问题。that引导同位语从句,说明possibility的内容。
【答案】 B
7. We should consider the students’request________the school library provide more books on popular science.
A.that           B.when
C.which           D.where
【解析】 句意为:我们应当考虑学生们的要求,即学校图书馆应该多提供关于大众科学方面的书籍。此题考查名词性从句。名词request后的同位语从句句子结构完整,不缺任何成分,故用that引导。
【答案】 A
8. News came from the school office________Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.
A.which                B.what
C.that     D.where
【解析】 句意为:学校办公室传出了王琳已经被北京大学录取的消息。这是一道考查同位语从句的题目,news是同位语从句的先行词。
【答案】 C
9. A good friend of mine from________I was born showed up at my home right before I left for Beijing.
A.how     B.whom
C.when     D.which
【解析】 句意为:在我正要动身去北京前,我幼时的一个好朋友来我家里了。从句意分析,选择when表示从我出生时就是我的一个好朋友。
【答案】 C
10. Many young people in the West are expected to leave________could be life’s most important decision—marriage—almost entirely up to luck.
A.as      B.that
C.which     D.what
【解析】 分析句子结构,leave需要一个宾语;could be需要一个主语,所以要选一个能引导宾语从句且能在句子中作主语的词,只有what能满足要求。
【答案】 D
11. The information will be helpful to________will take over the job.
A.those     B.who
C.whoever     D.anyone
【解析】 考查名词性从句。句意为:无论谁接管这份工作,这一信息都将对他有帮助。“whoever will take over the job”是介词to的宾语,whoever在从句中作主语。如果选择A、D两项,需要在后面加上who。
【答案】 C
12 The painting is so valuable that it is difficult to calculate________its price would be.
A.that     B.which
C.what    D./
【解析】 考查名词性从句。这里用what引导宾语从句,并在从句中作表语。这画太名贵了,很难估量其价格。
【答案】 C
13. _______you don’t like him is none of my business.
A.What    B.If
C.That    D.Whether
【解析】 考查名词性从句。that引导主语从句,在从句中不作成分;what引导主语从句时充当句中成分;if不能引导主语从句;whether引导的主语从句应是肯定句。由语意可知C项正确。
【答案】 C
14. The media  today can draw public attention to________help is actually needed.
A.that     B.which
C.where               D.whose
【解析】 本题考查宾语从句的引导词,结合题干,where引导宾语从句并且在宾语从句中作地点状语。
【答案】 C
15. ________medicine works in a human body is a question________not everyone can understand fully. A.How;that    B.That;which
C.What;which    D.What;that
【解析】 how在 句中引导主语从 句;that引导定语从句,修饰限定question。句意为:药物是如何作用于人体的,这个问题并不是每个人都能完全理解的。
【答案】 A
16—I think it’s going to be an argument.
—Yes,it could be.
—I wonder________we can do about it.
A.what    B.how
C.when    D.whether
【解析】 考查名词性从句。what引导的名词性从句作wonder的宾语,且what作从句中谓语动词do的宾语。其他选项没有这个功能。
【答案】 A
17. Sorry I’m so late,but you cannot imagine________great trouble I took to find your house.
A.what     B.how
C.which     D.why
【解析】 考查宾语从句。take great trouble to  do something表示“不辞辛劳地做某事”。在此,what引导的宾语从句同时是一个感叹句,what修饰名词trouble。而how在感叹句中修饰形容词、副词或动词。
【答案】 A
18.(2010年成都第一次诊断)Professor Backman took up scientific research for d ecades,and this is________he devoted all his life to.
A.which    B.what
C.where    D.how
【解析】 考查名词性从句。what引导表语从句且在从句中作介词to的宾语,表示“什么”。
【答案】 B
19. Tina was hesitating about the job offer as she did not know________the c ompany was an established one.
A.whether     B.what
C.Until      D.although
【解析】 考查名词性从句。句意为:Tina对所提供的工作正在犹豫中,因为她不知道这家公司是不是一家地位稳固的公司。此处whether引导宾语从句,作know的宾语。
【答案】 A
20. It could be judged from her eyes________she was very satisfied with her performance.
A.what     B.which
C.that     D.where
【解析】 考查名词性从句。句意为:她对她的表现很满意,这可以从她的眼睛里判断出来。It是形式主语,that引导的从句是真正的主语。
【答案】 C
21. The problem is________we can improve our reading skills in such  a short time.
A.when     B.where
C.how      D.that
【解析】 根据句意可知此处用how引导表语从句。
【答案】 C
22.________you have picked up,you must give it back to________it belongs to.
B.What;no matter who
C.No matter what;no matter who
D.Whatever;no matter who
【解析】 考查让步状语从句与名词性从句。从句子的结构和语意可以看出前一部分是让步状语从句,可以使用no matter what或whatever来引导;to是介词,后面接的是宾语从句,因此引导词只能使用whoever,而不能使用no matter who。
【答案】 A
23. After working on the maths problem for hours,he found________he thought was the key to it.
A.what    B.that
C.where    D.which
【解析】 考查名词性从句。what引导的名词性从句作found的宾语从句的主语,而且what在名词性从句中作thought的宾语。其他选项不符合语法。
【答案】 A
24.—I will give you happily________you ask for only if I have.
—I like you indeed.
A.whichever     B.whatever
C.no matter what    D.no matter which
【解析】 whatever引导名词性从句且作for的宾语。句意为“无论你要什么,我都会高兴地给你,只要我有”。
【答案】 B
25. It was not what he said but________he said it that hurt my feelings.
A.that         B.w hat
C.how          D.whether
【解析】 考查名词性从句。这是一个强调句,强调的是主语,he said it基本句意完整,所以用表示方式的how来引导。
【答案】 C