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 Tow students are waiting for you in your office.
The worker and writer is from Wuhan.
(2)“no/each/every/many a+单数名词+and+no/each/every/many a+单数名词”作主语。
Every man and every woman has a good reason to be proud of the work done by their fathers.每一个人都很有理由为他们的父亲所从事的职业感到骄傲。
(3)one/every one/each/either/the number of+复数名词作主语。
Each of the students has a book.每个学生都有一本书。
Is everybody here today?今天每个人都在这儿吗?
Persuading him to join us seems really hard.
To go to bed early and to rise early is a good habit.
Whatever was left was taken away.
What they need are books.他们需要的是书。
Both bread and butter are sold out.
(2)people,police,cattle等有生命的 集体名词作主语。
People read for pleasure during their spare time.
The goods are made in China.这些货物都是中国制造的。
The Himalayas are the roof of the world.
(5)a number of/quantities of/a group of+名词作主语。
A number of other plants were found in America.
The population in China is very large and 80% of the population live in rural areas.中国人口很多,其中80%的人住在农村。
(2)单复数同形的名词作主语时,谓语形式要根据其具体含义而定,这类词有:means,works,pai ns,deer,fish,sheep等。
Every means has been tried to solve the problem,but none is effective.每种方法都试过,但没有一个有效。
There are various means of communicating with a stranger.
The kind of paper is made of straw.这种纸是由稻草制成的。
Some kinds of animals are dying out.
All is going on very well.一切顺利。
All are present besides the professor.
(5)“half/most/enough/part/the rest/the last/lots/plenty/分数/百分数+of+名词”作主语,谓语动词要和of之后的名词单复数保持一致。
A lot of students are coming to the meeting.
A lot of work is to be done to prepare for the conference.
(1)由or,either...or...,neither...nor...,not only...but also...等连接的并列主语,谓语动词常与最近的主语在单复数上保持一致。
Neither you nor I am fit for the work.
Are neither you nor I fit for the work?
你和 我都不适合这份工作吗?
注意:“with/along with/together with/including/but/except/like/as well as/no more than/besides/rather than+名词”置于主语后,谓语动词一般仍与前面的名词在单复数上保持一致。
Henry,rather than Jane and John,is responsible for the  loss.
There is a pencil and two pens in the pe ncil­box.
Are there three books and one pen on your desk?
1.—Why does the lake smell terrible?
—Because large quantities of water________.
A.have polluted     
B.is being polluted
C.has been polluted  
D.have been polluted
【解析】 句意为:——这湖水怎么这么难闻?——因为大量的水已经被污染了。本题考查时态、语态及主谓一致问题。water与pollute为被动关系,故排除A项;B表“正被污染”,故排除;large quantities of后加名词,谓语动词应与quantities保持一致,故排除C项,答案为D项。
【答案】 D
2.Dr.Smith,together with his wife and daughters,________visit Beijing this summer.
A.is going to     B.are going to
C.was going to   D.were going to
【解析】 当主语后出现together with/as well as等介词短语时,谓语动词的数与介词短语前的主语保持一致,故可排除B、D两项;根据时间状语this summer可知应用一般将来时态。
【答案】 A
3.The teacher together with the students________discussing Reading Skills that________newly published in America.
A.are; were      B.is;were
C.are;was      D.is;was
【解析】  句意为:老师和同学们在讨论美国刚出版的《阅读技巧》一书。不难看出主句的主语是the teacher,together with the students是附加部分,而Reading Skills 是一个书名也应该用第三人称单数形式。
【答案】 D
4.Either you or one of your students________to attend the meeting that is due tomorrow.
A.are    B.is
C.have   D.be
【解析】 句意为:要么是你或者你的一名学生应该出席明天的会议。该题考查的是主谓一致,按照就近一致原则,one of your students的中心词为one,谓语动词该用单数,在本句中is to do表示应该(should)。
【答案】 B
5.At present,one of the arguments in favor of the new airport________that it will bring a lot of jobs to the area.
A.is             B.are
C.will be          D.was
【解析】 句意为:目前,人们赞成建一座新机场的理由之一是它将给这个地区带来很多的就业机会。本题考查动词时态,At present=Now是解题的关键。
【答案】 A
6.—Did you go t o the show last night?
—Yeah.Every boy and girl in the area________invited.
A.were    B.have been
C.has been    D.was
【解析】 主语是every boy and girl,表示单数概念,故谓语动词用单数,且询问昨晚的情况,有明确的过去时间,所以应选择was。
【答案】 D
7. Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture,but when and where________yet.
A.hasn’t been decided   B.haven’t decided
C.isn’t being decided   D.aren’t decided
【解析】 本题考查主谓一致。when and where引导的从句或跟不定式连用时谓语动词用单数,再根据本题意思应用被动语态。
【答案】 A
8.We live day by day,but in the great things,the time of days and weeks________so small that a day is unimportant.
A.is     B.are
C.has been    D.have been
【解析】 此题考查主谓一致的基本用法。主语是time,后面of days and weeks是它的定语,所以谓语用单数。
【答案】 A
9. A survey of the opinions of experts________that three hours of outdoor exercise a week________good for one’s health.
A.show;are    B.shows;is
C.show;is    D.shows;are
【解析】 本题考查主谓一致。第一空的主语是a survey,故用单数shows;第二空是不可数名词exercise作主语,故用is。
【答案】 B
10. As a result of the serious flood,two­thirds of the buildings in the area_____.
A.need repairing   B.needs to repair
C.needs repairing   D.need to repair
【解析】 此题考查主谓一致及“need”的特殊用法。two­thirds of the buildings作主语,谓语动词应与the buildings保持一致,故应用复数谓语动词。need 此处意为“需要”,用法应是need to be done/need doing。
【答案】 A
11 —Hi,what did our monitor say just now?
—Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who are to visit Water Cube________asked to be at the school gate before 6∶30 in t he morning.
A.is    B.were
C.are    D.was
【解析】 考查主谓一致。every...and every...结构作主语时,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式,由此可以排除B、C两项;根据前面的are to visit Water Cube的时态可知,A项正确。
【答案】 A
12.John as well as the other children who________no parents________good care of in the center.
A.have;is being taken 
B.have;has taken
C.has;is taken 
D.has;have been taken
【解析】 考查主谓一致和动词时态,句意为:约翰同其他那些没有父母的孩子一起在这个中心受到很好的照顾。who引导的定语从句修饰other children所以谓语动词应是复数;名词1+as well as/besides/with/together with ec t.+名词2时,谓语动词要根据就远原则由名词1决定,所以第二空谓语动词为单数,约翰正在受到照顾,因此用现在进行时的被动形式。
【答案】 A
13.The number of people,who have access to their own cars,________sharply in the past decade.
A.rose    B.is rising
C.have risen    D.has risen
【解析】 考查主谓一致和时态。本句的主语是the number,所以谓语动词用单数;in the past decade表示时间从过去持续到现在,即“十年来”,因此用现在完成时。
【答案】 D
14. Professor  Wang,together with his colleagues,________working on the project day and night to ________the deadline.
A.are;meet    B.is;meet
C.are;satisfy   D.is;satisfy
【解析】 考查主谓一致和词语搭配。当主语后跟有together with,as well as等引导的词组时,谓语动词应和主语保持一致,此处主语是Professor Wang,故谓语动词应用单数形式;meet the deadline表示“在截止日期前完成”。
【答案】 B
15.Large quantities of information,as well as some timely help________since the organization was built.
A.has offered   B.had  been offered
C. have been offered   D.is offered
【解析】 由as well as连接的复合主语并不影响谓语动词的数,“large quantites of+名词”作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。分析题目可知动作虽然发生在过去,但对现在还有影响,故应用现在完成时。
【答案】 C
16. Buying clothes________a hard job because the clothes a person likes________not very often fit him or her.
A.are;do    B.is;does
C.are;does    D.is;do
【解析】 考查主谓一致。主句主语是动名词短语,谓语动词用单数形式is;从句的主语是复数名词clothes,因此用do。
【答案】 D
17.On the contrary,I think it is Truman,________you,________ to blame.
A.more than;are    B.less than;who are
C.rather than;that is   D.rather than;is
【解析】 句意是:相反,我认为是Truman而不是你该受到责备。题干包含一个强调句式,强调的是宾语从句的主语,所以谓语动词要与Truman一致。此句表示选择关系,所以要用rather than。
【答案】 C
18. Every student as well as teachers who________to visit the museum______asked to be at the school gate on time.
A.is;is    B.are;are
C.is;are    D.are;is
【解析】 考查主谓一致。who,which,that作定语从句的主语时,其谓语的数取决于先行词,所以第一空用复数are;主语后有as well as等时,谓语应同其前面的主语保持一致,所以第二空用单数。
【答案】 D
19.An exhibiton of paintings________at the museum next week.
A.are to be held    B.are holding
C.is holding     D.is to be held
【解析】 考查主谓一致和时态。hold的宾语是an exhibition,而不是paintings,所以应该是被动语态。本句的主语是an exhibition,of paintings是介词短语作后置定语,所以谓语动词是单数,再结合时间状语next week可知是表示将来要发生的动作。be to do sth.通常表示按照计划或安排将要发生某事,此处是被动形式。
【答案】 D
20.______of the people on the Net________China’s economy is among the strongest in the world.
【解析】 本题考查分数表达和主谓一致。4/5→four­fifths。题干主语是(网络上)4/5的人,是复数,故谓语动词用动词原形。
【答案】 C
21.Many a writer of newspaper articles________to writing novels.
A.has turned    B.have turned
C.being turned   D.are going to turn
【解析】 考查主谓一致。“many a+可数名词单数”,谓语动词用单数,表示“许多”。
【答案】 A
22.—Each of the students working hard at their lessons________the book.
—So have I.
A.is reading     B.has read
C.read     D.reads
【解析】 答语So have I是完成时态,由此很容易选出对应的时态,那就是B项(has read),表示“学生们看过了,我也看过了”。
【答案】 B
23.—How did your students express their thanks to you on Teachers’ Day?
—A gift together w ith many flowers________sent to me.
A.is     B.are
C.was     D.were
【解析】 考查主谓一致和时态。若句子的主语是由together with,along with,with,as well as+名词或代词来修饰时,谓语动词与together with,along with,with,as well as前面的名词或代词保持数的一致。根据问句,此处用一般过去时。
【答案】 C
24.This kind of book________very useful but books of that kind________useless.
A.is;is    B.is;are
C.are;is    D.are;are
【解析】 第一空前主语是“这种书”,而第二空前主语是books。
【答案】 B
25.—Mike,what did our monitor say just now?
—Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who________to visit the museum________asked to be at the school gate before 6∶30 in the mo rning.
A.is;is     B.are;are
C.is;are     D.are;is
【解析】 该题为一个含有定语从句的复合句,句中作定语的关系代词who指代先行词teachers,为复数,故谓语动词用are;as well as连接两个主语时,谓语动词要根据前一个主语决定;由every,no,each等限定的并由and连接的两个并列名词作主语时,谓语动词要用单数形式。
【答案】 D