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下列情况句子需要全 部倒装
There goes phone again.It’s not stopping ringing all morning.
There remains the possibility that mistakes have been made.
Here comes the train to Beijing.去北京的火车来了。
There goes the bell.铃响了。
Down came the rain.下雨了。
Here he comes.他来了。
Here it comes.它来了。
In the middle of the mountain lies a temple.
Inside the temple live many monks.庙里有很多和尚。
Seated in the lecture hall are hundreds of students.
Present at the conference were many famous people.
(1)句子以never,seldom,rarely,little,hardly,scarcely等否定意义的副词以及by no means,not until,not a word,not a single等否定词开头的词组一般都用部分倒装语序。
Never in all my life have I felt so humiliated.
Seldom in my life have I met so determined a person.
Not a word did he say at the last meeting.
(2)hardly...when,no sooner...than,not only...but also引导两个分句时,将前一个分句中的主谓作部分倒装,后一个分句中的主谓语序不变。
Hardly had he began to speak when his father stopped him.
No sooner had I left my house than it began to rain.
(3)当句子用so,nor,neither开头,来说明前面一句话中谓语表示的情况,也适用于另外一些人或物时,主语和谓语部分倒装,这时谓语只是用助动词、情态动词或系动词来表示。其常见句型是:so/neither/nor+be (have/do等助动词或情态动词)+主语。
Frank adores dogs and so does his wife.
She couldn’t work out the answer,and nor could I.
Only then did I realize the importance.
Only when I see it with my only eyes do I believe it.
So moved was she that she could not say a word.
So  loudly did he speak that even the people in the next room could hear him.他的声音那么大,连隔壁屋子里的人都听得见。
So fast does light travel that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed.光速如此之快,我们很难想像。
So frightened is he in the darkness that he dare not say a word.
Try as she might,Sue couldn’t get the door open.
Popular as he is,the President hasn’t always managed to have his own way.
Had you come a few minutes earlier,you would have seen him.
Should he be here next week,he would help us.
1 Hearing the dog barking fiercely,away________.
A.fleeing the thief    B.was fleeing the thief
C.the thief was fleeing         D.fled the thief
【解析】 句意为:听到狗的狂叫声,小偷逃掉了。本题考查了全部倒装句。表地点方位的副词away放句首 时,句子要全部倒装。正常的语序是:The thief fled away.
【答案】 D
2. The computer was used in teaching.As a result,not only________,but students became more interested in the lessons.
A.saved was teachers’ energy 
B.was teachers’ energy saved
C.teachers’ energy was saved
D.was saved teachers’ energy
【解析】 句意为:电脑被应用于教学中。结果,不仅节省了老师的精力,学生也对课堂更感兴趣了。此题考查not only用于句首时的倒装结构,not only用于句首时后面的句子必须用部分倒装。
【答案】 B
3. Unsatisfied________with the payment,he took the job just to get some work experience.
A.though was he              B.though he was
C.he was though              D.was he though
【解析】 句意为:尽管对工资不满意,但为了获得工作经验,他还是接受了这份工作。本题考查though引导状语从句可用倒装的形式,即从句中的表语、状语或动词原形置于句首,但主谓顺序不变。though引导的从句也可以不倒装,前半句可写为:Though he was unsatisfied with the payment。
【答案】 B
4.  So sudden________that the enemy had no time to escape.
A.did the attack     B.the attack did
C.was the attack                   D.the attack was
【解析】 句意为:这次袭击非常突然以至于敌人没有时间逃跑。so+adj.放于句首时,主句倒装。sudden是形容词,在句中作表语,故应用was。
【答案】 C
5.For a moment nothing happened.Then________all shouting together.
A.voices had come   B.came voices
C.voices would come  D.did voices come
【解析】 句意为:那会儿,什么都没发生。之后大家一起欢呼起来。本题考查倒装句型,副词then,away,out,in 等置于句首,且主语是名词时,主谓要全部倒装。
【答案】 B
6. Distinguished guests and friends,welcome to our school.________the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning are our alumni (校友) from home and abroad.
A.Attend            B.To attend
C.Attending      D.Having attended
【解析】 句意为:尊敬的来宾朋友们,欢迎莅临我校。今天早上参加50周年庆典的是来自国内外的校友。本句为倒装句,正常的语序应该是:Our alumni from home and abroad are attending the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning.
【答案】 C
7.Not until I came home last night________to bed.
A.Mum did go                 B.did Mum go
C.went Mum                  D.Mum went
【解析】 句意为:昨晚妈妈直到我回家才上床睡觉。not until引导状语从句且提前置于句首需要部分倒装,又因为时态是过去时(从came可知),所以要将助动词did提前。
【答案】 B
8.  So much of interest________that most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all.
A.offers Beijing    B.Beijing offers
C.does Beijing offer    D.Beijing does offer
【解析】 so much置于句首,后面的句子应用部分倒装,即将助动词、情态动词提到主语前面。
【答案】 C
9. Not until the motorbike looked almost new________repairing and cleaning it.
A.he stopped     B.did he stop
C.stopped he    D.he did stop
【解析】 句意为:他把摩托车擦洗和修补得像新的一样才停止下来。not until引导的状语(或状语从句)放在句首,主句部分需部分倒装,所以只有B符合题意。
【答案】 B
10.Little________that we were watching his every move,so he seemed to be going his own way in this business.
A.he realized    B.he  didn’t realize
C.didn’t he realize  D.did he realize
【解析】 本题考查倒装结构。否定词little位于句首时句子要部分倒装。
【答案】 D
11.Not until he called the secretary thr ee times________that the manager went to an important meeting.
A.did he tell     B.he told
C.was he told    D.he was told
【解析】 否定词not置于句首时,句子要用部分倒装,加之he与tell为动宾关系,故主句应用被动语态;所以选C。
【答案】 C
12. Only under special circumstances________to take make­up tests.
A.are freshmen permitted
 B.permitted are freshmen
C.freshmen are permitted
 D.are permitted freshmen
【解析】 only后面跟状语位于句首时,句子要部分倒装,故答案为A。
【答案】 A
13.—Did you s ee who the driver was?
—No,so quickly________that I couldn’t get a good look at his face.
A.does the car speed by   B.the car sped by
C.did the car speed by   D.the car speeds by
【解析】 考查倒装句。句型so...that...中so与其后形容词或副词置于句首时,主句部分采用部分倒装结构;此句时态为一般过去时,借助于助动词did构成倒装句。
【答案】 C
14. ________he is,________he can do something that grown­ups do.
A.A boy as;but    B.A boy though;yet
C.Boy as;yet    D.Boy as;but
【解析】 考查特殊句式。句意为:虽然他只是一个孩子,但是他可以做一些成年人做的事情。前半句是as引导的让步状语从句,表语前置;此处表语为名词,其前不加冠词。此结构可以和yet,still等连用,但不可与but连用。
【答案】 C
15.Hardly________the phone________I was told that the hotel had been booked full.
A.I had picked up;when 
B.had I picked up;then
C.had I picked up;when
 D.I had picked up;then
【解析】 考查倒装句和固定句式。本句使用了“hardly...when...”句式,表示“刚一……就……”;当否定副词hardly放在句首时,主句要用倒装结构,因此选C。近年高考试题的单项填空部分有不少试题都呈现“复合型”,一个试题中考查两个 或多个语法知识。
【答案】 C
16. Only when class began________that he had left his book at home.
A.will he realize   B.he did realize
C.did he realize   D.should he realize
【解析】 考查倒装句,当only+状语位于句首时,主句要用部分倒装形式。
【答案】 C
17. Little________about H1N1 so far,so there is no doubt that many people are afraid when talking about the disease.
A.did scientists known        
B.scientists have known
C.have scientists known 
D.had scientists known
【解析】 本题考查时态和倒装。根据关键词so far,可以确定用现在完成时,故排除A、D两项;little表示否定,放句首要倒装。
【答案】 C
18. “By no means,” declared the captain.“________give way to disappointment.”
A.we would    B.we will
C.might we    D.shall we
【解析】 考查倒装句型。by no means位于句首句子要倒装,根据句意应该用shall we。
【答案】 D
19.Not until he called the secretary three times________that the manager went to an important meeting.
A.did he tell    B.he told
C .was he told   D.he was told
【解析】 考查倒装。not until 置于句首,句子要部分倒装;he 与tell之间存在着动宾关系,要用被动语态,所以答案为C。
【答案】  C
20. ________,she talks a lot about her favorite singers after she went home.
A.A quiet student as she may be
B.Quiet as she may be a student
C.Be a quiet student as she may
D.Quiet student as she may be
【解析】 考查倒装 结构。句意为:尽管她是个寡言的学生,但回家后关于她喜欢的歌手她也谈了很多。该倒装结构为:adj.+n.(单数)+as+主语+谓语。
【答案】 D
21.By the side of the Bird’s Nest________,completed in 2008.
A.there standing the Water Cube
B.does the Water Cube stand
C.the Water Cube stands
D.stands the Water Cube
【解析】 考查倒装。由于地点状语前置,句子应采用全部倒装语序,即把整个谓语放在主语之前。语境为:鸟巢的旁边就是2008年建成的水立方。
【答案】 D
22.Many people agree that never in history________a more splendid opening ceremony than that of the Beijing Olympics.
A.there were        B.has there been
C.there has been           D.were there
【解析】 考查倒装结构。在从句中,否定副词never置于句首,所以要用部分倒装。
【答案】 B
23.Not a single word________when he left home and joined the army in 1941.
A.did he leave   B.left he
C.did leave he   D.he left
【解析】 考查倒装语序。not a single word位于句首时,句子的主语与谓语应该使用部分倒装语序。
【答案】 A
24. We must apply what we have learned to our daily work because in no case________from practice.
A.should theory separate 
B.should theory be separated
C.theory should separate 
D.theory should be separated
【解析】 考查倒装结构。从in no case可知,后面的句子应用部分倒装,同时theory和separate为动宾关系,应用被动结构,故选B项。
【答案】 B
25.—Can I smoke here?
—No.In no circumstances________in the library.
A.smoking  permits    
B.smoking is permitted
C.does smoking permit 
D.is smoking permitted
【解析】 考查倒装句。in no circumstances 表示否定,意思是“决不,在任何情况下都不”,放在句首时,句子要倒装,由此排除A、B两项;根据句意可知,permit应该用于被动语态,所以D项正确。
【答案】 D